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Justine with Her Daughter Alice


We went to a church nearby because we thought that it would be safe. All of my family were killed in that church except me.
We went in a church nearby because we thought that the church was safe. All my family were killed in that church except myself. We stayed in that church for two weeks. On the 9th is when the militias took me and raped me. They came – we were hiding in one room in the church – they (Hutu militia) came and collected us from that room and took us behind the church to a banana plantation and then they started raping me. One of them took me as a sex object for three days. For three days, I was their wife so to speak and when I came back after the third day, they went to steal food and property from neighbors, then I ran away to come back to the church. When I came to the church, I found my family dead. As we were there, confused and stranded, the RPF soldiers found us at this church and they rescued us.

My father and mother and all my brothers and sisters were killed. Nine brothers and sisters. We were 9 children – 4 girls and 5 boys.

I kept on with poor health, but I didn’t get the courage to go for voluntary counseling and HIV/AIDS testing until 2000 when I was encouraged to go and take the test and found myself testing positive to HIV.
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