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Anne-Marie with her daughter Celestine

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I went to a house to ask for water. They sent me  away. As I was reaching the end of the road. I  met the owner of the home. He looked at me with  a lot of bitterness and cut me in the face with his  machete.                                                              

He had a machete and a spear. He looked at me with a lot of bitterness and he got his machete and cut me in the face.

Those two boys raped me after which they called another two boys and one of them said, “This woman is sweet… you need to also enjoy”. After raping me, they led me, beating me up, to a sorghum plantation where those two boys were also raping two other girls. They took me to them and the four of us, now we are together and they introduced me to those two who were raping those other girls, now they came to rape me, and these ones who had raped me, went to rape those other girls. Then after doing it the fourth round each one of them raped me twice. And then after that they said, “This Tutsi woman is not getting satisfied, let us get a corn stem and sharpen it to a shape of a penis, that is what can satisfy her." So they went to cut that piece and they put my legs apart and then they started pounding that stem of corn into my private parts.

After that night, I couldn’t walk. They said these people must be killed because we killed all the others, if we leave them, they are going to report us when things don’t work out. Or they will be a bad omen. And one of them asked: “Now, how do we kill all these 30 people – there are too many?” And another man offered to take us to his land because he had dug a grave already. He said, “I have land where I have put a grave. Let us take them and kill them from there. And then when they rot, they will be fertilizers to my farm, I will plant banana plantations after and they’ll be fertile.

My name is Anne-Marie . I am now 35 years old. Before genocide I stayed with my two sisters and brother and my mother but they all died too in genocide. I went through terrible things. Many militias raped me on many occasions. Eventually one of them took me to Burundi and from that rape I have a girl that I now stay with. All of my immediate family killed.

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