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Hosting an Intended Consequences Exhibition

Aperture Foundation together with Foundation Rwanda offers the Intended Consequences: Genocide Mothers; Children of Rape photography exhibition to museums and institutions throughout the world. The exhibition consists of 40 images and requires from 250 feet of running wall space. The showing period is generally 8 to 12 weeks but we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

The exhibition comes crated, labeled, and framed, with accompanying captions and text panels, which are also available on disc. Each exhibitor is responsible for producing the main title graphic, which is supplied on disc.

Advance materials include: press release, information about sponsors if applicable, exhibition checklist, case list, and condition report forms.

Photographer Jonathan Torgovnik can be available to attend openings or educational programs organized by host institutions, please contact him directly at

Exhibitor's Responsibilities
The participating venue is responsible for the exhibition fee, pro-rated shipping, and insurance coverage while the work is in the institution. We require a certificate of insurance from each participating venue. Our contract details arrangements with exhibitors regarding security, environmental controls, and other aspects of hosting an exhibition according to standard museum practices.

Please Be In Touch
We would be delighted to hear of your interest and would like to discuss possible collaboration. For more information about Foundation Rwanda's traveling exhibition please contact us at

The exhibition consists of 40 framed color photographs requiring approximately 250 feet of running wall space.

Exhibition Rental Fee
Please contact us at

The exhibition has been available in the United States since fall 2008.

See our News & Events page to learn where the exhibition is going next.

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