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12/5/2010 9:38:00 AM
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12/5/2010 9:38:00 AM

Intended Consequences Promo

Intended Consequences

Poem Across the City

Poem Across the City: Rwanda is an attempt to move from Point A to Point B using the public's written word on the topic of "genocide" as a path to travel. Passersby are asked to write a response to the word "strength" with chalk on the asphalt, each response connected to the one proceeding, with a completed urban poem left behind for the public to read.

This easy to organize public art campaign inspired by our friends at Illegal Art can stand alone or be in conjunction with a Reading of the Testimonies event. The goal is to create an interactive public artwork to inspire self-reflection, thought and human connection as we mark the 17th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.


Food & Fotos

When our friends, Chef Gabe Thompson and Pastry Chef Katherine Thompson, (Dell'anima/L'artusi/Anfora) heard about Foundation Rwanda's efforts they rolled up their sleeves and offered to help the best way they knew how – by cooking for a good cause!  Foundation Rwanda: An Evening of Food & Fotos is their idea and is an annual benefit rallying local chefs in LA in the spring  and NY in the Fall to raise awareness and help Foundation Rwanda reach our goal to sponsor education for 1500 children.  

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Host a Screening

Follow these 4 easy steps to host a film screening & giving circle at your home, school, business or other location. Please be in touch at so we can support you along the way.

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Host a Reading of the Testimonies

Host a Reading

Please join us for an annual worldwide commemoration to mark the 18th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. Host a Reading of the Testimonies event in April online or in a public space in your city to help raise awareness about the consequences of genocide and the ongoing challenges survivors face on a daily basis. Readings will be held in key cities around the world each year to stand in solidarity with survivors.


Traveling Exhibition

Foundation Rwanda offers the Intended Consequences: Genocide Mothers; Children of Rape photography exhibition to museums and institutions throughout the world. The exhibition consists of 40 images and requires from 250 feet of running wall space. The showing period is generally 8 to 12 weeks but we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

See our News & Events page to learn where the exhibition is going next

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Intended Consequences Book

This book contains original photographs by Jonathan Torgovnik and the testimonies of Rwandan women who bore children as a result of being raped during the genocide.

The book is available for purchase in English, Japanese, German and Spanish. All proceeds benefit Foundation Rwanda and the families we serve.


Intended Consequences Companion Curriculum Guide

This curriculum guide was produced by Amnesty International & Foundation Rwanda and is designed to serve as a companion guide for the exhibition, but also may be used as a standalone learning experience using portraits from Rwanda to explore and understand themes of gender based violence, genocide, and discrimination.  For more information on the Intended Consequences Exhibit click here.

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